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I understand that, as a prepaid member, the normal security deposit is not required. A one-time, refundable prepaid equipment fee is required I choose to use an In-Home Display (IHD). If I am an existing member, then I understand that when my account is converted to prepay, my existing deposit, if any, is applied toward any outstanding balance with the remaining credit applied to my prepaid service. All fees and unbilled energy must be paid before an account can be converted from residential-rural or residential-urban to prepaid service.

I understand that my account will be subject to immediate disconnection any time my account does not have a positive balance. I understand that medical conditions, inclement weather, or failure of the IHD to update will not postpone disconnection. Prepaid accounts are not eligible for credit extensions or payment arrangements and are not subject to the “Cold Weather Rule”. Energy assistance from a third party payer is not applied until received as payment on my account.

I understand prepaid members are not subject to normal collection fees. Payments can be made in any amount; however, service turned off due to a negative account balance will require me to pay any outstanding balance before power will be restored.

I understand that I will not receive a paper statement, unless I make a written request. Additional fees may apply for receiving paper statements. My account history – usage, charges and payments will be available via the internet or by calling the DS&O Electric Cooperative, Inc. (DS&O) office. I understand that I am responsible for managing my prepaid account.

I understand that at any time, I may elect to convert my account to residential-rural or residential-urban service. Upon doing so, DS&O may require full payment of the account balance and full payment of the deposit, as a condition of continued service. Any paid balance on the prepaid account may be used toward the postpaid service deposit.

In understand that service terminated at my request will receive a refund of any remaining credit on the account. At the time of disconnect, a balance to be paid may remain if my account has become negative. I agree to pay any remaining unpaid balance at the time of disconnect.

In understand that if the IHD is damaged at any time, then a replacement fee will be required. When service is terminated, the IHD must be returned in good condition before the prepaid deposit and/or credits are refunded. Failure to return the IHD will result in the loss of the prepaid equipment fee.

I understand the difference between prepaid and residential-rural or residential-urban service and am requesting to establish prepaid electric service from DS&O.